jeudi 1 décembre 2011

What employees expect from managers?

The Cubiks Human resources’ agency had realized a survey with 450 employees across 8 european countries. More than 70% of the executives think that their bosses have been counter-performing in their work because of management reasons. Also, 60% admit having quit their job because of the way of managing in the company. Then, management seems to be a central element in the employees’ life.
In order to understand what is the best and the worst of management for employees, the survey had examined the actions viewed as the most demotivating and the most motivating. Among the first ones, two actions are considered as really demotivating: when the manager awards an unsatisfactory wage’s increase and when the manager appropriate to himself the work of the employee. The people surveyed also the lack of support on a project or a difficult task.

Among the motivating actions, 3 are highlighted: the support of the managers in the crisis periods, the congratulations of the manager, the support of the manager to get a promotion.

Finally, almost 40% of the employees say that the main quality of the manager is the « honesty in his feedbacks ».17% of the employees prefer an “open to feedbacks” manager. Empathy and listening are essential qualities. Loyalty towards his colleagues is also quoted among the important qualities of the manager.

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  1. It doesn't surprise me to note those reactions from employees. In one hand we can see in many firms managers coming directly from University or business school, without any management experience...just theory. How is it possible to manage correctly like that?
    In the other hand, we see people who are managing without any theory knowledges, because of an internal promotion due to the fact they had good results in the inferior level. In most of the times there is a lack in the reactivity and the learning culture of new concepts.
    Anyway I just wanted to say that it's very hard to be a good manager and all the employees need a scapegoat to justify their bad actions...