vendredi 25 novembre 2011

Post-it war

Paris, La defense – The phenomenon took place in Summer 2011 and was initiated by Unisoft and BNP – the concept is clear : design characters from comics and cartoons with simple Post-it and try to be better than the competitor building in front of you…

More and more firms got involved this big game in which employees take part with enthusiasm. The event created a real buzz on Facebook - more than 6000 likes in three days, today more than 45 000 likers – and French medias follow it since the beginning.

Even if it looks totally counterproductive, a real waste of time and money - when post-it has been replaced by emails and bugdet for furnitures become more and more tough – this new activity seems to have real vertues for employees. Indeed, it allows them to relax by having fun and reinforce their motivation and cohesion within the team and then outside with those who play the game against them.  Also, it reinforces the corporate feeling of employees who are proud to defend their company against their evil competitors…

It is for this reason that well-known French firms like Renault, SFR, Citroen, Haribo and SNCF decided to take part to the game. Even more, PricewaterhouseCoopers offices in Paris dedicated a whole room to this original and pleasant activity.

Do you think it is a good way of managing people?

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